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Gallery of Previous Orgone I've Built

Rose Quartz Protector (2 for 72 + 12 shipping) click to enlarge photo
- Features a high quality crystal and a showering of rose quartz, amazonite, black onyx, or tigers eye inside. The stones are layered into the top and the crystal is inside the matrix of beautiful 6061 aluminum.

Tigers Eye and Black Onyx Pendant (85 + 12 shipping) click to enlarge photo

These pendants are made with a high quality copper wrapped crystal, gorgeous tumbled tigers eye, and black onyx in a bed of 6061 aluminum.  This photo needs to be updated. 

Lemurian Gardenite (36 + 12 shipping) click to enlarge photo

Gardenite. Small, packs a punch, and great for giving to friends or your favorite plants, (hence the name.) Orgone has been known to help plants grow more vigorously, get bigger, and generally they will be happier if you give them a gift of orgone.  My pepper plants, Basil and Siberian Kale LOVE them.  These feature a few high quality lemurian laser crystal inside with a grouping of tumbled clear quartz at the top, while the entire creation is showered and mixed with with real gold and a matrix of aluminum with copper inclusions.   Small, but quite lovely and striking. Great for the living room tables too!

H.H.G. Classic (Holy. Hand. Grenade.) (106 + 12 shipping)
click to enlarge photo

- Featuring a beautiful nose cone adorned with tumbled jade, rose quartz, or chrysocolla, high quality quartz crystals, and real gold, finished off by a beautiful matrix of 6061 aluminum shavings, these are perfect sized for desk, bed-sized table, or your kitchen, and make excellent gifts for those new to orgone, or well versed alike.  Each looks a little different, but they are all exceptionally made, and blessed with all that I am able to put into them.  This and the above (top) tower busters, are the "classic" orgonite, continuing the legacy of the good stuff that just works. (and works, and works and works.)

Ruby Record Keeper Black Tourmaline Enhanced HHG Pyramid (237 + 12 shipping) click to enlarge photo

- Features a high quality 16 gauge individually wrapped copper wire array of Lemurian Laser Crystals, near the top, paired with tumbled gemstones. Typically South African Rose Quartz or Black Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Smoky Quartz, or other stones as I see fit.  A raw ruby or cathedral amethyst as the capstone, and occasinally these will feature inclusions of pyrite, or other gemstones, depending on availability. This is my finest work yet, and will fill your environment with beautiful coherent orgone energy.  Please note the Ruby Record Keeper is SIGNIFICANTLY larger than my other offerings, and weighs in typically between 2 and 3 pounds. It's a force to be reckoned with.

International Shipping Costs and Fees (+30-100.) - (Please email me before ordering by clicking >> contact << if you're shipping outside of the USA, with what you'd like to order, and where you're located, so I can get you a proper and accurate quote!)  A new email message will pop up with my email address already filled out.  Thank you!

Terms & Conditions:

- each piece is hand made with love and one of a kind, made in California, all sales are final - in the eyes of the artist - each piece of orgone art is an exceptional representation of an orgone generator, and is energized with the best I can put into them. Results to orgone energy's effectiveness will vary person to person, as each situation is unique, actual results will vary accordingly. Each piece is hand made, and one of a kind.  All sales are final.

Custom pieces are also available, please email me and let me know about the stones you'd like, (and feel free to ask if I have a particular stone, I just might!) Custom pieces are slightly more expensive, (think +-250, if smaller, less, think +-200.) - If needed, please drop me an email by clicking the word contact below and we'll proceed to get you sorted out and your pyramid or order being built.

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(If you are a retailer looking for a volume discount, I absolutely do that.)  Feel free to contact below and let me know what your needs are, and I will get back to as soon as possible. Usually within the same day. We will proceed from there. 

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